Cashmere Care

Dry Clean

Moksha Cashmere garments are best dry-cleaned but can also be hand washed (do not use washing-machine). It is safer dry cleaned because some of our designs may get disturbed if they are washed regularly (usually in the long term). Under careful care our cashmere product will become softer with usage. Cashmere fibers can be very long lasting, so make sure you take good care of it.

Storing Cashmere

Make sure you store your cashmere product in a zipped bag or in a safe place, as moths tend to get attracted to most garments. Another alternative would be to use a scented deterrents which repels bugs and other insects.


After you have worn your Cashmere garment multiple times, you might find tiny balls of fluff forming on them. These fluffs are naturally formed from friction during wear. To help stop pilling make sure your garment is regularly dry-cleaned. However, pilling is inevitable so another way to deal with it would be to buy a Cashmere Comb and firmly de-pill. This is a relatively a easy and efficient process. By removing the pills using a cashmere comb, the garment in long term will consolidate and soften. Cashmere improves with age if cared for properly, and will last for years.